Enabling evolutionary and sustainable change

our mission

Is to help you, your people and organisation to be the best they can be.  We will challenge and support you to evolve a sustainable way of working that delivers value and fulfilling work. Expect to get an open-minded and pragmatic approach to Agile, that best fits your realities.   

We bring our personalities and varied experience to each engagement. You won’t just get one of us, you’ll most likely be supported by a variety of the RippleRock crew.

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RippleRock training day

what we do


Our courses are led by trainers with a talent for creating superb learning environments


We help you create a Way of  Working based on Agile and Lean principles and practices


Leadership is a daily activity at all levels and is fundamental to creating the conditions for evolving better ways of working


Utilise our wealth of technical experience to upskill your teams and processes today 

Agile metrics

Help to see the wider system, objectively and listen to the stories of seamless flow

Lean Coffee

We enjoy making stuff and offering it to both clients and a global group of users

Training courses

Scaling Agility (CASP 1)

Scaling Agility (CASP 1)

The goal of scaling agility is to enable an organisation to increase value generation without adding more people and processes than necessary…

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