Walking alongside you as a trusted partner to guide, reassure and challenge to see new possibilities and evolve ways of working. We help you get over the bumps in the road. 

Engagements are typically incremental, bring us in for a month or two. When you see the value we are adding you can decide whether to continue the engagement.

Based on this approach we have built many multiyear relationships with clients like ASOS, TFL, Mimecast and BP. An engagement ‘backlog’ enables you to scope and prioritise the work we are doing and to incorporate emergent knowledge.

We will blend coaching, consulting and training to best meet your needs.

What a typical engagement looks like…

Initial conversation
Let’s sit down together and really understand your needs
Getting curious about the real you to define the scope and priorities
Guided by you with complete transparency, together we will deliver frequently, validating with regular feedback, whilst adapting to changing priorities.
Continuing your evolution
You are now able to take this forward, but we will always be here if you need us.


With the future of work changing and cultural and technological barriers being broken, our typical engagements now look very different to they once did.  We can be adaptable to your environment and location as all our services are also available remotely, so wherever you are in the world, we can work alongside you.  

We have a lot of experience working with remote teams and online tools to optimise facilitation and maximise engagement.

We bring diverse, reassuring experience and fresh insights.  We love getting into the details and the feel of your organisation, a bit like going ‘native.’ 

You will find us a supportive and creative partner who adapts to your specific culture.  

We will help you build a clear understanding of the principles and understand the ‘why’, not just the ‘how’. Leaving you with the capability to evolve new practices. 

And all of this will be done with you – not to you.  

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