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Why is this course important?

Highly successful organisations have leaders at every level who operate with radically different mindsets and behaviours. This course will provide a platform for you to evolve your leadership capabilities to build a more resilient, adaptable, empowering, creative and innovative culture.

Actionable and practical leadership mechanisms are a focus to ensure that you will be able to make an immediate positive impact.

This course brings together a diverse set of modern leadership research and concepts and wraps them in a cohesive learning experience. 

Here are a few examples of leadership thinking included in our course: 

  • The Principles and Mechanisms of Intent-Based Leadership from David Marquet (author of Turn the Ship Around and Leadership is Language).
  • Psychological Safety from Amy Edmondson (author of The Fearless Organization).
  • Lean Thinking from Toyota
  • Cynefin from Dave Snowden
  • Richard Hackman, Stephen Bungay, Dan Pink, Jez Humble
  • Context for Agile Leadership
  • Aspects of an “Agile Leader”
  • Leader Mindset
  • Psychological Safety
  • Authority and Information
  • Alignment and Autonomy
  • Engaging and Motivating People
  • Tuning Control based on Competence and Clarity
  • Fix the Environment
  • Culture
  • Leadership Awareness and Behaviours
  • Organisation and Team Structures
  • High-Performance Teams Agile at Scale
  • Leading Lasting Change

In addition to the practical benefits, this course will provide you with an industry-recognised Agile leadership accreditation, incorporating all three foundational Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership certifications CAL-E, CAL-T and CAL-O.

These accreditations will prepare you to further develop your leadership skills in the
CAL-II programme.



The course normally runs a 9:00 am – 17:00 pm schedule over 3 days but can be adapted as required. This course can run either in-person or online.

 Please contact us if you would like to run this course for your team or organisation. We would be happy to organise a private course and optionally customise the course to your specific requirements. We also offer this training as part of a coach-supported leadership programme.

    We recommend you have a (re)read through the latest Scrum Guide, written by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland the co-creators of Scrum. The Scrum Alliance also has a nice overview of Scrum which might serve as a refresher.

    From a Leadership perspective, although not compulsory you might want to consider reading some of the following books prior to the sessions:

    • Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet
    • Leadership is Language by David Marquet
    • The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson
    • Lean Enterprise by Jez Humble et al


    Course Date Link
    9th-11th April 2024 Certified Agile Leadership (Online)

    Interested in a private course for your team or organisation? Get in contact with us.

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    Colin Bird

    Although best known for my long association with Scrum, I love everything Lean, Agile and Kanban. I get a buzz out of catalysing new ideas, collaboration, creativity and innovation to engage the full potential of teams and leadership.​

    ​I am a ‘Fearless Organisation Certified Practitioner’, a member of the TAC (Trainer Approval Community) for the Scrum Alliance and a collaborator on ScaleAgility, a Principles Led approach to applying Agile at scale.​

    Away from work, I try and squeeze in way too many sports and hobbies: road cycling up mountains, trail running with my dog, sailing, skiing, diving and lots of DIY projects!

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