ICP-SYS: Clean Agile Systems Coaching

ICP-SYS Certified professional

Why is this course important?

The ICP-SYS: Clean Agile Systems Coaching course provides a deep dive into Clean Language and systemic modelling in an Agile context from one of the track contributors.

ICP-SYS: Clean Agile Systems Coaching is an entry-level course for those wishing to experience Systemic Modelling – a new way for people to learn about one another in groups, enabling them to move away from contempt and competition and towards curiosity and collaboration. 

Systemic Modelling is the brainchild of Caitlin Walker, author of From Contempt to Curiosity. When a few clean questions led her to a greater understanding of herself and a dramatic shift in her life, she decided to adapt the one-to-one therapeutic method developed by David Grove to create a robust methodology that would work for groups and organisations.

Caitlin and her company Clean Learning fully endorse this course. Moreover, Caitlin runs the ICP-SYS herself on specific dates. It is also the only ICP-SYS course to cover the prerequisites to continue onto the systemic modelling rolling program. 

  • Learn how to ask David Grove’s clean questions to develop your ideas and those of others.

  • Unpack models for processes such as decision-making, time-management and learning at your best’ – discover the unconscious patterns you currently have.

  • Identify when you are/are not in a good state for learning & creativity.

  • Detect the judgments you make about others, separate these from actual behaviours and use this information to master the art of Clean Feedback.

  • Become more aware of what needs to happen for you to stay in a good learning state – and what compromises you may have to make to ensure others can stay in theirs.

  • Design developmental tasks – tiny actions that can make a big difference as you step outside your comfort zone

  • Find out what happens as people’s patterns emerge and when their values are compromised – this is when the tools come into their own.

  • Learn what triggers you to go into drama, what drama position(s) you tend to take – and how you can use this information to recognise what’s important to you.
  • Learn how to use the Clean Change Cycle (outcome, action, feedback) to coach someone off the Drama Triangle.

  • Whether you work with individuals or teams, gain multiple ideas for facilitating others.

  • Learn how systemic Modelling is used in business, education, health, community and agile coaching.

  • A journey through the 6 practices with examples and patterns to show you how to apply the practices to your existing Agile or non-Agile ways of working. 
  • An understanding of how to lead or guide a team in their adoption of Kanban.
  • Answer questions and support the team in day-to-day operation. 
  • Using data insights to drive experimentation and improvement.
  • To put into practice what you have learned through gameplay and creating your own visualisations.
  • Evolving process and practice according to team needs in a meaningful way.

Our facilitators will treat you as though you are a ‘real’ team, encouraging you to notice patterns in yourself and others and increase collaboration so that each of you is learning at your best within a diverse group. In this way, you’ll be a recipient of Systemic Modelling. You will gain a direct experience of the benefits and challenges of being facilitated cleanly, along with the opportunity to give it a go yourself.

We only have a maximum of 12 people on this course and always with 2 Instructors, so you are guaranteed to get dedicated feedback and support from the instructors.



    This course is  for:

    • Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters and Leaders

    • Newcomers to Clean Language

    • Anyone who uses Clean Language with individuals and wants to learn how to use it with teams, groups and organisations

    • Anyone seeking personal development


    There is no exam! As long as you actively participate during the training, you will gain the ICP-SYS certificate, part of the Agile Leadership and Agile Coaching Track.


    There will be 4 x 4-hour modules.

    • There is no pre-work – Kick back, relax and wait for the class!

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    Our trainers

    John Barratt

    John is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) who loves seeing individuals, teams, and organisations become the best they can be. He does this using a mixture of coaching approaches embedded with the agile mindset. John spends most of his time supporting organisations to descale and become more resilient. 

    John is addicted to learning new things and is often found at meetups around London trying out new ideas and learning from others. His latest interest is systemic modelling which he has been learning from the creator Caitlin Walker. He is proud of his military background and believes it is a crucial reason for his ongoing success.


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