Kanban system Design (Ksd)

Why is this course important?

In the fast-moving and complex times, organisations are looking for every advantage they can find to increase their competitive edge. Kanban is a set of values, practices and principles that bring the benefits of Lean to organisations.

The Kanban method focuses on starting with how you work now and making incremental, iterative changes to evolve business processes into more efficient and manageable work streams while avoiding the risks associated with complex change programmes. 

  • Understanding of the history, principals and practices of Kanban. 
  • A journey through the 6 practices with examples and patterns to show you how to apply the practices to your existing Agile or non-Agile ways of working. 
  • An understanding of how to lead or guide a team in their adoption of Kanban.
  • Answer questions and support the team in day-to-day operation. 
  • Using data insights to drive experimentation and improvement.
  • To put into practice what you have learned through gameplay and creating your own visualisations.
  • Evolving process and practice according to team needs in a meaningful way.

This workshop is hands-on, using various exercises, games, and Kanban simulations alongside instructor-led discussions and presentations. Students will be able to create visualisation for their own organisation and iterate upon these over the course duration. 

You will leave with practical insights on how to implement or improve Kanban within your organisation.



This course is useful for anyone who wants to be successful using Kanban within their organisation. As such, it will benefit anyone who is involved in using Kanban or considering using it. 


This course has been accredited by the Kanban University (KU). Each Student will receive a certificate.

Those students taking a KU-accredited course will be eligible to become members of the Kanban University.  

Students will receive an electronic copy of  “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” by David J. Anderson. 


There will be a total of 16 hours class time (Including breaks).

  • There is no pre-work – Kick back, relax and wait for the class!

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Our trainers

Helen Meek

Also known as the ‘Kanban Queen’!  I love everything about Kanban and there is literally nothing that I cannot apply it too! But, I am not a one-trick pony and have vast experience with Scrum as well. Ultimately, I am about helping people and organisations evolve to truly unlock their full potential. I run several meets ups and am heavily involved with the community. Say ‘Hi’ the next time you see me. 

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