Why is this course important?

Once you have started to implement Kanban within your team, we now have to think about how we scale this across your teams and organisation. This will enable you to build an adaptive capability that enables you to respond effectively to changes in customer demand and the business environment.

  • Explore deeper Kanban practices to sustain evolutionary improvements.
  • Learn about the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM).
  • Where and how to start Scaling Kanban across your organisation.
  • How you can use the cadences to create feedback loops.
  • Understanding the impacts and how to solve delays, bottlenecks, and variability.
  • Using data to support your decision-making and process improvement.

This workshop is hands-on, using various exercises and simulations alongside instructor-led discussions and presentations.



This course is useful for anyone who has already mastered the Kanban basics through applying Kanban in their organisation, and want to take their implementations to the next level.


This course has been accredited by the Kanban University (KU). Each attendee will receive a certificate.

Those attendees taking a KU-accredited course will be eligible to become members of the Kanban University. 

Attendees who complete both KMP1 & KMP2 classes are eligible for the Kanban Management Professional designation.  Students who do not complete the official KMP1 training through the KU, will not receive this. Please ask if you are not sure.


There will be a total of 16 hours class time (Including breaks).

  • To have completed a Kanban System Design (KMP1) class or equivalent.
  • Have read the ‘Kanban’ book by David J Anderson or ‘Kanban from the Inside’ by Mike Burrows.

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Our trainers

Helen Meek

Also known as the ‘Kanban Queen’!  I love everything about Kanban and there is literally nothing that I cannot apply it too! But, I am not a one-trick pony and have vast experience with Scrum as well. Ultimately, I am about helping people and organisations evolve to truly unlock their full potential. I run several meets ups and am heavily involved with the community. Say ‘Hi’ the next time you see me. 

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