PSYcholoGical safety BRIEFING

Why is this course important?

Psychological Safety (PS) is the number one fundamental underpinning required for team and organisation performance.​

This interactive session will guide a journey into this vital area, raising awareness and understanding for leadership, teams and the wider organisation. ​

One of our Fearless Practitioners leads an interactive briefing to explore what Psychological Safety is and is not, establish its credibility and understand the impact that low and high levels can have on teams and organisations. The session will complete by introducing some actionable strategies for improving safety.

  • To improve business outcomes by addressing the most important factor in team effectiveness – Psychological Safety.

  • Define Psychological Safety and understand its origins and credible underpinning​

  • The relationship between performance and levels of safety

  • Explore the underlying elements that determine safety ​

  • An introduction to some actionable strategies for improving safety


    As Psychological Safety is a group dynamic, anyone who works in a team or leadership role has an influence on the safety of groups in which they collaborate and interact.​

    In summary, this briefing will benefit teams and leaders.


    This briefing is not associated with a certification.  


    Customisable but normally between 2 – 4 hours in duration.


      No pre-work is necessary for the course however we do recommend reading Amy Edmondson’s book The Fearless Organization.

      Our trainers

      Colin Bird

      Although best known for my long association with Scrum, I love everything Lean, Agile and Kanban. I get a buzz out of catalysing new ideas, collaboration, creativity and innovation to engage the full potential of teams and leadership.​

      ​I am a ‘Fearless Organisation Certified Practitioner’, a member of the TAC (Trainer Approval Community) for the Scrum Alliance and a collaborator on ScaleAgility, a Principles Led approach to applying Agile at scale.​

      Away from work, I try and squeeze in way too many sports and hobbies: road cycling up mountains, trail running with my dog, sailing, skiing, diving and lots of DIY projects!

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