Scaling Agility (Certified: CAS-S1)

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Why is this course important?

The goal of scaling agility is to enable an organisation to increase value generation without adding more people and processes than necessary. Fundamental changes are required. Simply bolting on a set of “best” practices or a framework makes the situation worse. More roles and processes slow progress and old habits reassert themselves, rarely leading to sustained and positive change.

This course will prepare you to lead your organisation on an evolutionary scale journey, emerging successful and sustained practice – with or without a framework. This programme equips participants with the skills and knowledge to implement a principle-led scaled organisation that fits your complex, unique and evolving context.

Meaningful and sustaining change requires an emergent journey rather than a transactional switch from old to new ways of working. This course will introduce the key components of an agile change approach that will pave the way to scaled value generation and a continually improving organisation.

In addition to new knowledge and techniques, you will gain the Scrum Alliance CAS-S1 scaling accreditation.

    • Scaling and Business Agility
    • Principle versus Practice-led Scaling
    • Introduction to the ELSE (Emergent Large-Scale Evolution)
    • Understanding and Reducing Complexity – “Descaling”
    • Start Where You Are – Mapping Context
    • Analysing with Principles to Direct Change
    • Avoiding Local Optimisation Traps
    • Conquer the Challenges of Change at Scale
    • Leading Scale
    • Scaling Product and Product Ownership
    • Scaling Teams
    • Supporting Scaffolds and Emergent Practice
    • Frameworks and Candidate Scaling Patterns

    This course is aimed at anyone looking to realise the benefits of Agile on larger products or across the organisation. Being framework agnostic, it applies whether you are considering a scale framework or are building your own approach.

    Qualification for CAS-S1 requires:

        • Full attendance of the course
        • Engagement in group exercises

    Following successful completion of the course, eligible participants will receive the CAS-S1 scaling accreditation (certification fee is included in the course fee).

    An electronic version of course slides, materials and workshop output will also be provided.



    The base CAS-S1 course runs in a 3-day 9:30am – 4:00pm format in either in-person or online formats. Both formats are highly interactive with great learning experiences. We also offer longer courses that provide for greater depth coverage of the topics.


      To warm up for the course here is some pre-reading (time permitting):

        • Review the Perspectives and Principles on the ELSE website

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      ​I am a ‘Fearless Organisation Certified Practitioner’, a member of the TAC (Trainer Approval Community) for the Scrum Alliance and a collaborator on ScaleAgility, a Principles Led approach to applying Agile at scale.​

      Away from work, I try and squeeze in way too many sports and hobbies: road cycling up mountains, trail running with my dog, sailing, skiing, diving and lots of DIY projects!

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