Scrum better with kanban (sbk)

Why is this course important?

Improve your Scrum by adding the practices and evolutionary change approach from the Kanban Method.

Scrum Better with Kanban can help you improve your Scrum through the introduction of proven Kanban practices, principles, and the application of evolutionary change management. This course captures the lessons learned from Scrum Teams that successfully evolved their way of working through evolutionary change using the Kanban Method. Our hands-on training will ensure that you walk away with a proven approach to introducing changes that will deliver results for your team and organisation.

  • Learn the 6 general practices of Kanban
  • Learn about the Principles
  • Discover how to identify and analyse the challenges in and around your Scrum and how to prepare solutions to address these challenges
  • Identify and develop solutions to the variability that is delaying or slowing down your work
  • Develop and test potential solutions to problems that reflect the principles and practices of the Kanban Method.

This workshop is hands-on, using various exercises alongside instructor-led discussions and presentations. 



If you are a Scrum practitioner, team lead, Scrum Master, Agile coach, or a manager who wants to understand an evolutionary approach to improving your Scrum using the Kanban practices, the Scrum Better with Kanban class is a great place to get started!


Students will receive a certificate of completion AND the Scrum Kanban Practitioner (SKP) credential certificate. 



This is a one day class in person or 8 hours virtual (including breaks).


Students should be familiar with the Scrum Framework and have applied it at least once within their organisation. It is mandatory that students are familiar with the latest Scrum Guide before attending this training.

Having a Scrum certification is not a mandatory requirement. No previous Kanban training or experience is required.

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Our trainers

Helen Meek

Also known as the ‘Kanban Queen’!  I love everything about Kanban and there is literally nothing that I cannot apply it too! But, I am not a one-trick pony and have vast experience with Scrum as well. Ultimately, I am about helping people and organisations evolve to truly unlock their full potential. I run several meets ups and am heavily involved with the community. Say ‘Hi’ the next time you see me. 

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