Lean Coffee Table

We enjoy making stuff and offering it to both clients and a global group of users. As Agile practitioners we benefit from working with the products and improving them with experience.

Lean Coffee Table helps distributed teams to run effective ‘agenda-less’ ‘Lean Coffee’™ meetings. We have 1000s of users from around the world using the application, which started out as a bit of a hobby for us.

In addition to the public-facing application, we provide a custom version for a number of global corporations. This can be hosted by us in Azure or on your own infrastructure. 

We also provide Lean Coffee Table free to non-profits and community-builders, and at a discount to universities and academic institutions.

It has been interesting to see Lean Coffee become an integral part of online delivery at some universities, where it supports the ‘flipped classroom’ method. Here is a case study on exactly how it is used.

We use Lean Coffee™ with our clients and have found it to be a great way to have effective discussions on the topics that are on the minds of the people around the table at that moment. 

  • Use LeanCoffeeTable to:
    • Run your weekly team meetings.
    • Add interactivity to your monthly townhall with 100s of people.
    • Support your online community (don’t forget to ask for the discount).
    • Deepen learning in your educational institute.
  • Try LeanCoffeeTable free for a month by visiting our website (no credit card details required).

Lean Coffee™ is a wonderfully simple idea developed by Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith. Check out leancoffee.org for more on their ideas and guidelines on running an effective session.