Kick-start your Agile reporting with six key charts designed to work in Jira or Azure DevOps with both Scrum and Kanban projects.

Improve your Agile way-of-working, engage stakeholders and predict likely delivery dates.


  • Identify process improvements and forecast delivery date ranges
    • Agile requires frequent, accurate feedback on the progress of work and the health of the ‘delivery process’.
    • Extend the Power BI reports to incorporate data from your deployment pipeline or other systems
  • Provide simple dashboards and common interface to all users
  • Kick-start your reporting at significantly less cost than writing the charts internally
  • Benefit from our years of experience creating Agile metrics
  • Own and extend the reporting with your in-house Power BI skills – no ongoing licensing costs

technical specs

  • Data is extracted from Jira or Azure DevOps, with data refresh frequency set in Power BI
  • Charts can be shared within the organisation, based on your Power BI licensing 



'agile kick-start pack' of 6 charts


  • Charts to get your teams up and running with some of the key visualisations of their work
  • Some charts help to engage stakeholders, enabling them to make earlier decisions and align their expectations  
  • Others enable the team to clarity real-time awareness of their work and how to improve the process

stakeholder charts

  • Burn-up / Landing Zone
    • Predict the range of dates that a piece of work will finish, based on actual throughput rate and increases in scope

  • Feature Progress
    • Shows the Relative size and completeness of each feature

  • Throughput by Type
    • See what the teams have been focusing on and trends in the blend of work they do

team charts

  • Item ageing
    • See what work has become stuck in a given state on the board

  • Cycle time histogram
    • Use to forecast likely delivery or a fix or user story – with data-based SLAs

  • Scatter plot
    • Identify pieces of work that took unusually long and seek to improve the process


  • Stakeholders and Team have their charts combined in their own dashboards. 


extend reporting to meet your needs

  • There are another 15 charts that we have built for clients, including; Agile process charts and engineering reports on the health of the deployment pipeline


"are we on Track?" answered with a burn-up chart

This is one of the six charts you receive in the 'Agile Kick-start Pack' of charts.  The Burn-up is simple and clear way for stakeholders to answer the question 'Are on track?' Early sighting of when a project is off track enables.

There is more on this in this blog post  'Your project has a landing zone'




  • The Power BI (.pbix) files are provided under Creative Commons licensing for you to develop and extend as much as you wish
  • You have the option of continuing to use our expertise to widen the use of Power BI to other elements of the Agile delivery process

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You can amend the application but these cannot be commercialised and resold.  More info at: https://creativecommons.org/



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