Utilise our wealth of technical experience to upskill your teams and processes today. 

Agile puts challenging demands on the engineering practices expected of our software development teams. Development teams are expected to deliver and operate high-quality products at an increasingly rapid pace.  

Our hands-on experience building solutions helps to build rapport with the teams. We like to lead by example, before stepping back to provide light-touch support as the target team’s confidence, maturity, and experience increase. The goal is always to get to help the teams achieve a self-sustaining level of expertise and confidence.  

Coaching support is needed as the required changes is more difficult and can be challenging, requiring both technical and behavioural adjustments. A modern, collaborative, self-organising software engineer is quite different from how software development looked only a few years ago.  

Our happy place is deep within the code. We enjoy ranging from code pairing, refactoring and process review, through to full stack architecture design. 

Woking closely with Microsoft DevOps, we are experts at combining Microsoft’s development platform tools with other complementary tools, including RippleRock’s own internal products.  

Evolving the optimal team structures, aligned to the organisation’s priorities, is another key capability. Using the Team Topologies framework, we can work with you to explore alternative and more effective configurations of skills and people.  

Automation at all levels enables teams to move safely at pace. We help identify the most beneficial opportunities to automate testing, build, and deployment. Our consultants can provide:


  • Analysis and recommendations. 
    • Looking at existing pipelines and evolving them or recommending a new pipeline approach.
    • Helping to build the business case and get important non-functional work onto the backlogs.
  • Training in both the principles and practices of automation.  
    • We can teach the benefits of automation and help dispel misconceptions. 
    • Our experience with Selenium automation, in the Microsoft stack, helps to speed up the regression testing process. 
  • Review and offer ideas on how to better utilise environments.
  • Augment and mentor team members by working alongside them. Our team has had a wide variety of advance technical engagements across many tools including Azure, AWS, Jenkins, many flavours of Git, Ant, Chef to name a few. We are hands-on, doing a lot of the work and heavy lifting ourselves, but we also train and leave self-sustainable processes and up-skilled teams behind.
  • Ensure that engineering strategy is aligned to the needs of the business working in an Agile way.
  • Aid merging existing development and operation’s teams together to supply a full DevOps experience. 
  • Developing self-serve operations to accelerate development capacity and to reduce blocking events. 
  • Monitoring strategies for every size of application ensures that key environments are continually observed, both automatically and on dashboards. Providing alerts to enable rapid investigated.

    Our technical consultants have a wealth of experience with most major cloud platforms (primarily Azure and AWS) and can assist with setup, best practices to reduce costs, migrations to the cloud, and training. We specialise in hosting, VMs, automation and pipelines, and alerting and instrumentation. 

    We have decades of experience in extracting data from popular product tracking software (ADO, Jira, Rally, Jenkins, Gitlab), transposing that data and producing meaningful insights for analysis using an array of custom-made and offtheshelf tooling including dashboards, metrics, and charting.