organisational evolution

As Agile enters its second decade, it has become increasingly clear that Agile has organisation-wide impacts and challenges. Organisations that harness and incorporate Agile thinking broadly throughout their culture are able to become more responsive to users, the market and changes in technology. 

Agile is rigorous and puts new demands on individuals, tools, environments and ways-of-working. Successful and sustainable Agile adoption is best approached incrementally over time and requires clear vision, leadership and perseverance. Making all this visible is key to enabling sponsors to support adoption in the most effective way. 

We help stakeholders and sponsors understand the higher level, end-to-end nature of Agile adoption and explore how these concepts could be incorporated into the organisation. This extends from the effective optimisation and management of the portfolio of projects through to frequent, continuous deployment of value to users.

Our range of services are designed to assist organisations Initiate, Build and Sustain new ways of working based on Agile and Lean thinking. We have a flexible engagement model, ranging from initial discovery workshops with key stakeholders through to a full transformation programme. 


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