Agile Alignment

Organisational Agile requires alignment along the entire value stream, from the budgeting and shaping of work through to the continuous deployment of value to users.

RippleRock helps clients identify where misalignment impacts the overall effectiveness of the system to deliver value to users.

The list of areas to address is broad and includes:

  • The budgeting process - the time taken by the sign-off process, assigning money to fixed scope projects and unnecessarily rigid contracting on time and scope
  • Marketing and product management - how to manage unresolved priorities amongst the stakeholders – before it generates huge amounts of waste in the system
  • People - including roles, recruitment, training, recognition, career progression and the necessary changes in skills and responsibilities, 3rd party supplier relationships and contracts
  • Environmental and deployment strategies - the understanding willingness to invest in a capability of continuous delivery.
  • Organisational structure - how the structure of the organisation influences the processes and responsibility for delivering software into production

These changes require the active engagement of senior stakeholders, as there will be significant demands on the organisation’s time and budgetary priorities, over several years.

RippleRock helps to engage these stakeholders and set the Agile adoption within the broader organisational strategy.

Evolving People and Roles

RippleRock can help in all aspects of evolving the roles and skills that people need to work in a more Agile way. This could range from the recruitment of people with scarce skills through to adapting job descriptions and reviewing responsibilities.

We can also help you to identify the right mix of skills at a team, programme or organisational level.

Staff development and career progression are concerns for many employees once they hear they are adopting a more Agile way of working. We have worked with a number of organisations to adapt their development, recognition and career planning to be better aligned with Agile values.

Upstream Alignment

Agile puts completely different demands, than previous methods, on the parts of the organisation between developers and the users.

Rapidly maturing ideas, like Continuous Delivery, are fundamental to adopting Agile. Investment in people, skills, tools and environments are all needed to ensure that good quality work produced by teams doesn’t sit in queues, waiting for scarce resources.

RippleRock will help you to understand the key principles and practices that build capability and better align the ‘route to live’ with the rest of the value stream.

We can augment these teams with skilled technicians to build momentum in this kind of change. We can also help decision makers to see the need for, and benefits of, investment in this often overlooked aspect of an organisation.   


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