Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management provides mechanisms and processes for optimising the value of the work delivered by internal and partner development teams. Your teams may be adopting Agile practices to become more effective but what are they building, is it the most valuable set of features they could be working on and when will they be able to ship?

Agile Portfolio Management starts upstream of the teams in the strategy and budgeting processes. It uses many principles from Lean and “Lean Start-up”, breaking large projects into incremental deliverables, releasing value and getting feedback from customers and users as early as possible.

Feedback is an intrinsic aspect of Agile Portfolio Management, with visibility into the progress across all initiatives in the portfolio. This visibility provides the data to optimise the flow of delivered value and drive decisions about priorities and schedule.

  • Optimisation of the flow of value delivered by internal and external (partner) teams
  • Alignment with Strategy
  • Budgeting cycle
  • Reducing the number of projects in progress so that value can be delivered sooner.
  • Value measurement
  • Progress tracking


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