Evolutionary Stages

Continuous improvement is an intrinsic practice of every good Agile team but many teams lack the visibility of what they should be doing differently.

Evolutionary Stages provides an evolutionary roadmap that helps unlock the potential of your teams. It is a constructive and structured assessment mechanism that enables teams to identify the opportunities for improvement as they evolve. Used regularly as part of a team’s retrospective, Evolutionary Stages provides an impartial system for tracking their level of capability over time so that they can identify weaker areas but also see how far they’ve come.

After some initial coaching to introduce Evolutionary Stages into a team’s retrospective, the team take ownership and regularly self-assess and track their evolution.

The Evolutionary Stages model has been developed over a number of years and is used by many of our clients. In many instances it is customised to suit the specific demands of the organisation:

  • Structured and incremental approach to assist teams harness the opportunity provided by regular retrospectives
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Impartial measurement system to baseline a team’s current level of capability and help them identify priority areas for improvement


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