Version control

Migrate and consolidate version control artefacts from other systems such as: 

  •   Perforce 
  •   SVN 
  •   Visual SourceSafe 
  •   PVCS/CVS 

While this is generally not a perfect solution due to limitations imposed by the product, we can help you understand what is possible and make recommendations.


Requirements, defect and test case management

Development organisations typically find themselves with artefacts spread across a number of systems which are specialised in one area. TFS can provide an excellent solution for consolidating and linking this information, potentially leading to improved DevOps, greater insights through reporting and lower licensing costs.


Migration to the cloud

Visual Studio Team System is a great choice for many customers who want continual access to the latest features of TFS without the administration overhead and pain of regular upgrades.  RippleRock can help you understand the pros and cons of VSTS compared to an on-premise implementation of TFS.  If you choose to move to the cloud-hosted version of TFS then we can help smooth that transition.


Team project or collection consolidation

Organisational restructuring often leads to the realisation that Team Projects and Project Collections are not configured in a way that supports the future direction of development.  It can be an overwhelming undertaking to merge or split projects and collections.  Let RippleRock help you understand the options open to you, any challenges you may face and any compromises you may have to consider.




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