Certified Scrum Product Owner

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05 Oct - 07 Oct 2021OnlineCertified Scrum Product Owner


Many organisations are adopting Agile approaches to improve their software development capability, following the lead of the path-finding Internet-era companies who have shown the way to rapid innovation and dominance in their market spaces.

This course provides a great foundation in Scrum to apply to the role and requirements of being a Product Owner.

Scrum is a deceptively simple framework and you will quickly learn about its roles, artefacts and process. However, its adaptive nature and impact on traditional organisational models and ways of working requires a fundamental grasp of the underlying principles and Product Owner techniques for a truly successful implementation.

We put theory into practice in a number of exercises and simulations which are both enjoyable and instructive from a Product Owner's perspective

course objectives

  • Understand the Agile principles and ethos at the heart of Scrum
  • Learn the mechanics of Scrum: roles, artefacts and process
  • Self-organising teams and how they work and role of the Product Owner
  • Understand product visioning, estimating and prioritisation
  • Backlogs: how to use them and related supporting practices
  • How to leverage release planning effectively
  • Real control through empirical feedback
  • Scaling Scrum without breaking it
  • Achieve an industry recognised accreditation and foundation on which to build
    • Certified Scrum Practitioner
    • Certified Scrum Coach
    • Certified Scrum Trainer


Whether you are a Product Owner, Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Product Manager or Business Analyst or just responsible for defining product vision or requirements this course is for you.


This course can be run privately for a minimum of 5 students, for further information please email training@ripple-rock.com. This course is also run publicly periodically, please check back here for availability.


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