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18 Oct - 21 Oct 2021OnlineICP-ATF - ICAgile - Agile Team Facilitation Dojo
10 Jan - 13 Jan 2022OnlineICP-ATF - ICAgile - Agile Team Facilitation Dojo


The ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) for remote teams provides a deep dive into the world of facilitation when working with remote (distributed) teams, this isn’t your standard online facilitation course but specially crafted to focus on remote facilitation from the ground up.

The course is split into 4 unique half-day (3-hour) modules with additional work provided to support your learning journey both before and throughout the course. The course focuses on equipping you with new tools, techniques and skills to help you take your remote facilitation skills to the next level with an emphasis on learning through doing and receiving feedback rather than theory.

We follow the principles of the Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreats focusing on working in small agile teams to create something you and the agile community can continue to use long after the course is complete.

Agile Affinity are a trusted partner of RippleRock.  With Agile Affinity you get much more than just a training course including access to the Agile Affinity Academy where you can get ongoing mentoring from Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches


what will you learn?

With the 4 half-day (3-hour) modules completed in the order below and with the new friends you have made on the cohort you will learn the following ...

  • What is Agile Facilitation? - The first module is full of theory, tools and techniques about what agile facilitation is, how to plan successful remote facilitation sessions, What tools might work for you and your team, a development plan for what you’d like to improve in the coming modules and much, much more.

  • Remote FacilitationThis module covers top tips for facilitating various agile events remotely including Iteration Planning, Reviews and Retrospectives along with Daily Sync events. However, the main focus for the rest of the course will be on your facilitation of these events and getting valuable feedback from your peers.

  • Large Group FacilitationAfter covering one team facilitation during this module we explore how to facilitate multi-person/team Iteration Planning, Reviews and Retrospectives events. Once again with a focus on the practical application over theory.

  • Facilitation based on Team MaturityThe final module explores how facilitation changes as teams grow, with a continued emphasis through a deeper practice on honing the remote facilitation skills you have just learned. Ensuring that when you come away you will hopefully have an increased capability when it comes to Agile Team Facilitation.

By the end of the course not only will you be more confident in your facilitation but you will also have created new material to share with the wider agile community and felt what it’s like to be a member of a real agile team.


what topics are covered?

  • Defining the Agile Coaching Pathway
  • What is Facilitation?
  • The Facilitation Mindset
  • The importance of planning in facilitation and how to do it
  • Top tips on how to perform common agile events such as the retrospective and planning
  • Feedback on your facilitation including a personal improvement plan designed by you
  • New decision-making techniques to try with your team
  • New ideas on how you can facilitate agile events @ scale
  • Working in agile teams you will explore a topic of your choosing and have a published outcome through 3 iterations of work

what will you receive?

On successful completion of the 4 (3-hour) modules, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation (ICA-ATF)

The certification will not expire and is a valuable industry known certificate.

In addition, this course is worth 12 Section C - SEU's towards Scrum Alliance renewal requirements. 


what about exams and assessments?

The course is assessed by the instructors during the course, there is no exam to be taken. This is a certification you earn through practice during the course.

who is this course suitable for?

ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches or aspiring coaches with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn, improve and practise facilitation in service of agile teams. Other relevant roles include Iteration Managers, Agile Project Managers, Professional Coaches, Development team members.

how should I prepare for this course?

Pre-work is provided this will take up to 4 hours to complete. 1 hour of work is also required between modules in order to get the most out of the course.

will I need any equipment for the course?

As this is an online course you will need a computer with a camera and a headset. You will also need to install the zoom client and have access to google drive from your computer and some of the google suite applications.

what is the course schedule?

The course is made up of Pre-work followed by 4 x 3hr modules over the 4 days specified 

what makes us different?

Each class has a mix of trainers who are ICF certified, ORSC Trained,  and Training from the BACK of the Room! trainer, no other provider comes close to this level of expertise.

In addition, all of our Trainers are Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches which means they have been assessed by their peers as experts in agile coaching and can also provide mentoring for aspiring CTCs and CECs. We are the only Scrum Alliance Coaches running this course in the UK.

We co-train whenever possible, we believe when learning a new skill you need as much support as possible and diversity of experience and opinion is important.

We believe in professionalising the world of agile coaching and want to reach as many people as possible.  We, therefore, keep our prices as low as possible whilst not compromising on the quality of the course.

If all that wasn't enough you also get access to the Agile Affinity Academy where you can get ongoing free mentoring from Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches


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