Join Helen Meek at London Lean Kanban Days 2016 where she will be running two sessions.

Kanban 101

Many people in organisations use Scrum as their primary Agile method. Maybe they never heard of Kanban? Maybe they don’t know how it could benefit them? Maybe coming to this conference is your first step to understand more. This session is about learning the basics of Kanban by taking a look at the Principles and Practices one by one. This session is for attendees who are newer to the method

Coaching Dojo

The ability to be able to coach others is a key role in an Agile Coaches toolbox. So often I see coaches telling people what to do, rather than harness powerful questions and other coaching styles to help get to a successful conclusion. This session was inspired by coaching circles I used to be part of during my coaching course, but also coaching dojos that I have seen Rachael Davies run.

Coaching dojos are a part of what I teach my mentees, you only have to ask them the drills I have put them through! Ultimately I am building them to be coaches of the future and not just people who tell others what to do, or worse ignore problems.

This is a practical class where we will be working in small groups and practicing different coaching approaches to help one of our group address a current challenge. After each round, we reflect on what we learned and switch roles.

There are still places available, sign up now!


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