SenseAdapt now on JIRA, TFS and VSTS

We have recently ported the 12 SenseAdapt visuals to JIRA enabling teams to have a heightened awareness of the current state of their work. SenseAdapt helps teams to focus on the areas of their work which need their attention at that moment, thereby helping self-organisation.

SenseAdapt has been out in client teams for almost a year, the TFS (for 2013 & 2015) version is used by companies like BP, ASOS, Partnership, ProAssurance and Unum. VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), which is the cloud-based version of TFS, also has a number of clients including Rolls Royce. Companies are using SenseAdapt to help in their migration from TFS (on premise) to VSTS.   

The new JIRA functionality makes SenseAdapt available to the large number of teams who have chosen the Atlassian suite of products.

New functionality every week

New versions of SenseAdapt are deployed to all three platforms several times a week enabling us to respond to client feedback and continuously improve the product.

Recent functional improvements include the ability to see ‘Potentially Deliverable Scope’ based on the historical throughput rate of the team. Users can now ‘favourite’ their key charts. The dashboard includes 6 of the visuals and can be used on any screen throughout the organisation.


More details SenseAdapt can be found at  or in this .pdf flyer


Summary of the 12 SenseAdapt visuals – with more to come!



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